Truline specialises in suspension modification to cars and 4WDs
Coil-over Unit
We supply and fit lowering springs and kits for most cars. (Including Coil Over Units)
Koini Shockers & Coils
Heavy-duty coils for cars and 4WDs fitted with LPG.
Also springs for vehicles to help cope with higher loads for towing.
A full range of products is available to assist in modifying vehicles with camber and castor and toe problems, where it has been lowered, or perhaps needs to be made adjustable to suit our Australian road conditions. Alignment kits are available for the rear wheel alignment also.
Commodore Toe Kit
We also supply a full rang of “Safety-Steer” Products for 4WDs to help in correction of the “pull left” problems so many of these vehicles suffer from.
4WD Castor-Line Conversion Kit
Note: If requested, when we change the ride height of any vehicle, a written statement of modification is supplied for your records and that of your Insurance Company.