Wheel alignment on all types of vehicles

Wheel Alignments for all tyres of cars, Utes and 4WDs, using the latest Wheel Alignment Technology.

We will align the wheels of your vehicle not just “to the specs”, but to your needs and the needs of the vehicle and the way it is used, giving you the customer the best front end settings tyre wear and handling possible.

With over 32 years of experience we can ensure the highest quality workman ship for your vehicle.

Front and rear alignments

Most cars today need have both the front and rear wheel alignment checked to ensure the best ride handling and tyre mileage possible.

Using the Latest Wheel Alignment Technology we can check and adjust the front and rear wheel alignment of your car in one action saving you time tyre wear, giving you the peace of mind that your car is safe and trouble free.

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Four wheel steer alignments  
With models fitted with Four Wheel Steering the need is to have the vehicle accurately set up to ensure its safe operation.
We are able to achieve this with our latest Computer Wheel Alignment System.
Thrust alignments  
Most modern cars are very light weight and need to be wheel aligned very accurately. “At Truline every vehicle” is thrust aligned to achieve this. This alignment method takes into consideration the thrust angles of the rear wheels when setting the front wheel alignment to ensure the vehicle tracks straight and true.
4WD- F100-Benz Sprinter- Ford transit -etc wheel alignment

Most 4WD & F100 and imported vehicles and vans are imported and need to be “Australianised”. Truline have specialised in this area for over 15 years and can offer you a complete range of products to help correct this.       Most vehicles can simply be realigned to correct the L/Hand drive settings they often present with.

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Race and Rally Set-up
For many years now we have offered a race and rally alignment procedure to many successful customers.
Some include; production car racing, HQ racing, super speedway, rally, local speedway and many more.
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This service is available to any one wishing to have a very accurate race set-up done to their vehicle.

Richard Gay's HQ Leading Sandown Raceway (Click to Enlarge)


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