Truline Steering & Brake Centre was established in 1985 with a vision to provide an independent, front end, steering and brake service, offering a quality service to its customers free from the limitations often found in larger organizations and franchises.

Truline is Ballarat's original independant Steering and Suspension service

We are a small but effective business, with an excellent reputation in our chosen field of steering and suspension. Truline Steering & Suspension is a VACC member and holds an “Under Car Specialist” Accreditation.

 With experience in the steering and suspension industry of over 40 years, we have developed extensive experience during the growth of this specialised industry.

With many years working in the design and setting up of cars involved in many forms of racing, we feel we can offer unmatched advice and product information based on this experience.
In October 2003 Truline Steering & Brake Centre’s Name was changed to Truline Steering & Suspension more closely reflecting the direction and focus we have into the future

Purpose and Vision

Our motivation for being in business is to provide a specialised service to our customers, which stands alone in our industry.

We aim to provide a place where people can come for one on one advice on front ends, suspensions, power steering, wheel alignment, wheel balancing, brakes, and many other related problems.

We understand the importance of vehicle safety and work to achieve this ensuring the best for you, your family and other road users.

With over 40 years of experience we feel we can provide you with and unmatched level of expertise in our chosen field of Steering and Suspension Specialisation.


Workshop 920 Latrobe St Ballarat