This is a collection of cars we have had in our workshop. Enjoy the experience of this wonderfully restored and maintained collection of cars.

Please come back from time to time as we are always adding to our collection


Slightly Warm LJ Torana

Nice LJ Burnout car

S Series Valiant

1951 Rolls Royce

1969 Jensen Interceptor

55 Chev

1963 Chev USA police car replica

1928 Chev

1968 Camaro

51 Murcury

28 Ford Roadster

66 Mercury Monterey

1970 Mustang

Well Presented Engine Bay

Ford Coupe

32 Ford 3 window

32 Ford 3 window

38 Chev Two Door

53 Chev

53 Chev choptop

53 Chev choptop

55 Buick 2 door hard top


57 Chev

59 Caddie

59 Caddie

59 Caddie Hard top

61 Caddie 4 Door

1977-Cadillac Seville Grandeur Opera Sedan.


66 Corvette 237- 350 horspower

66 Mustang convertable

66 Mustang Hardtop

69 Mustang

1977 Mustang

Series 1 RX7

92 XJ6 Jaguar

1964 Alvis 3 ltr

2004 Mini GT

Bash Car

1965 Vauxhall Viva

Matt Black Beauty

2005 PT Cruiser

Chrysler 300c CRD Turbo Diesel

Chrysler 300 C wagon


58 DeSoto Fire Flite

Dodge Variety Bash Car


A Mean F100 _1

A Mean F100_2

A Mean F100_3

39 Ford Tudor

1936 Ford V8 Sed

Ford Pickup

Ford Customline

Ford Thunderbird

66 XP Wagon

64 Compact Fairlane

Ford Corting Mk1

71 Farlaine Convertable

XW GT Phase 2 GTHO

Fortd XY Ute

Galaxie 500 XL

BA Sports Saloon

Ford Typhoon Race Car

EA Ford Production race car

VL Speedway car

1948 FX 215 Holden

1951 FX Holden

1956 FJ Ute

1958 FC Wagon

EK Holden Sedan

1961 EK Ute

EH Holden Historic Race Car

64 EH Sed

64 EH Premier Wagon

1965 HD Panelvan

Holden HK sed

Holden HK Monroe

Holden HQ SS Restored

HQ 1 Ton Ute

HX Sandman

Restored Original Bathurst Torana SLR5000

LJ Torana V8

LX Hatchback Toarana

Herb'ys Lost Son

Herb'ys Lost Son

Herb'ys Lost Son


1948 Jaguar

E Type Jag

F100 Pickup

Now this is Different

Hot Rod

Plymouth Barracuda

67 SS Camaro

Triumph TR8

Restored Beetle

76 Beetle

1936 PB MG Super Charged

1936 PB MG Super Charged-2

1936 PB MG Super Charged -3

1961 MGA Coupe

WRX Racing