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      With the  development of lager wheels, (18"19"and 20")  a need has evolved to modify wheel alignment settings to help maintain an acceptable level of handling and tyre wear. Camber and toe kits help with this problem

      Also with our unique high crown road designs in Australia some local and imported cars and 4WDs tend to drift or put left, increasing expensive and premature tyre wear, a the risk of drifting off the road.

      Castor kits will help to reduce this often severe problem, by counteracting the pull left effect caused  by either the road conditions or vehicle design.


      Some models of Holden Commodore are fitted with IRS rear suspension, which is not able to be wheel aligned. If you are experiencing unusual rear tyre wear the fitting of a Camber/Toe kit will enable the car to be adjusted It must be noted that when 17”or larger wheels are fitted to these vehicles the camber kit will not fix the problem, but it will improve to an acceptable level that can be managed with regular tyre rotation

      The series 2, VX commodore was the first model to have a factory adjustment included which has been a great improvement, However if you are still having problems with tyre wear particularly with the larger diameter wheels an outer camber can be fitted to help with this.


     Kits are available for an increasing range of car brands to assist with wheel alignment and handling problems Click here to enquire about your model